Law and Order SVU featuring GERRI PAYAWAL

Bromley's commercial starring BRIAN SIMMONS

McDonalds McCafe commercial starring  SADE NAMEI

Carbonite commercial featuring PATRICK CHANG

Invisalign commercial featuring MEAGHAN FLUITT

House Autry commercial starring LOTHAIR EATON

McCormick How-To Hosting Series starring JULIA ROSE ESTRADA

First Response commercial starring TIFFINY DIXON & ELEVEN SAPP

Apex Health commercial featuring HARRIET DOBIN

BMW commercial featuring Patrick Chang

Livalo commercial starring KATHLEEN BODDINGTON &  LOTHAIR EATON

Nothing Changes industrial starring EMILY DALTON

Book of the Month commercial starring LLEWELLYN NUNEZ

Aloe Care Health commercial starring HARRIET DOBIN

HARMLESS HARVEST featuring Meaghan Fluitt

Queensborough College commercial starring BRIANNA FERNANDEZ 

Hinge UK voice over featuring MARIE DENNY